Service Dialogs

Management of Service Dialogs is provided via the collection:


The following action is provided on service_dialogs resources:

Deleting Service Dialogs

Deleting a Service Dialog can be done via the delete action as follows:

POST /api/service_dialogs/:id
  "action" : "delete"

or via the DELETE HTTP method as follows:

DELETE /api/service_dialogs/:id

One can also delete multiple Service Dialogs via the delete action on the collection with references to the service dialogs to delete as follows:

POST /api/service_dialogs
  "action" : "delete",
  "resources" : [
    { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/service_dialogs/101" },
    { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/service_dialogs/102" },
    { "href" : "http://localhost:3000/api/service_dialogs/103" },