GIT Helpers for ManageIQ

Following scripts iterate over core and plugins and performs useful mass operations.

Config file contains basic settings, like your home and plugins directory of ManageIQ.
If you want to redefine some value, create file (excluded from git) and override variable.


List of repositories are either generated automatically ($custom_repo_list == 0) or you can define your own array manually ($custom_repo_list == 1). See config for example.


Following scripts are working on current (one) repository

  • If no changes in repo, checkouts to master and pulls changes. Otherwise it lists changes
  • The same as, then rebases your current branch
  • Prints local branches, current with *
  • Prints changes in repo
  • Deletes branches merged to master
    • Without args: local branches only
    • With --with-remote arg: also deletes merged remote branches

For loop over all repositories, use:

  • [ ](
    • pull
    • rebase
    • list-branches
    • list-changes
    • cleanup [–with-remote]